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US Worlds

Anvil Rock - Zone in northern shiverpeaks. Also a large, anvil-shaped mountain peak that was sacred to the Dwarven race because it was used by the Great Dwarf as a forge. Used for many years by Dwarven leaders as a meeting place. Located in the Southern Shiverpeaks, which with the decline of the Dwarves is now Norn territory.

Borlis Pass - Mission in GW 1 Northern Shiverpeaks. The Ascalonian refugees first met the dwarves their king, Jalis Ironhammer here. Together, they beat back the stone summit blockade and lit the Signal Beacon at Grooble?s Gulch to gain the trust of the Deldrimor Dwarves.

Yak?s Bend - First outpost in the Shiverpeaks in GW1. The first camp for the refugees of Ascalon after escaping an endless war with the Charr.
Got its name from the large amount of yak herds in the area.

Henge of Denravi - Town in Maguuma Jungles GW1, originally used as a meeting place for the druids who sought to become become closer to nature in Maguuma, was used in GW1 as a base of operations for the Shining Blade after being led there by the spirits of these druids.

Maguuma - The Maguuma Jungle covers much of west and south-western Kryta. It is home to towering trees and colourful flora, as well as dangerous wildlife such as trolls and oversized spiders. Druids of Melandru once watched over the thick canopies but they lost control over nature here.

Sorrow?s Furnace - First content expansion for GW 1. Stronghold of the Stone Summit Dwarves, and home of the menacing Iron Forgeman.

Kaineng - Main City in Cantha, which expanded quickly following the Jade Wind, when the city took on many refugees.

Jade Quarry - PvP area in Factions (Luxon Territory, Jade Sea). The Jade Quarry is located along the Western end of the Jade Sea, somewhat towards the northern end. The Quarry is a source of great strife between the Luxon and the Kurzick, as the Jade mined from here is of the best quality that can be found in the entire Jade Sea. Because of the many fights surrounding the quarry, mining Jade here is exceedingly dangerous.

Fort Aspenwood -PvP area in Factions (Kurzick Territory, Echovald Forest)
Fort Aspenwood is a competitive mission in Cantha (Guild Wars Factions), much like the Jade Quarry this mission has outposts for both factions (Luxon on the north side, Kurzick on the south).
The fortress originates from before the Jade Wind and was designed by a famed architect from House zu Heltzer (one of the great houses of the Kurzick, basically the political leaders of the faction). It is built from true stone, and one of few such buildings remaining. It has been a Kurzick stronghold for centuries.

Ehmry Bay - Kevin Ehmry (server programmer at ANet)

Ferguson?s Crossing - Mike Ferguson (PvE content dev for Guild Wars at ANet)

Darkhaven - ruins located in Sorrow?s Furnace, inhabited by many dredge.

Vasburg - GW1, Home of House Vasburg in Cantha - Best known for its elite armours for each respected faction.

Eredon Terrace - Small Luxon base of operations off the Jade Sea, used to create new mining machines

Crystal Desert - In Edge of Destiny the Crystal Desert is home to Glint; a champion dragon who favors humanity and tries to deceive Kralkatorrik(Elder dragon). Chapter 26 of the book describes the desert as a magical place where adventurers can hear each other's thoughts. It is also home to Glints hidden Sanctum/lair. The final battle between the elder dragon and the famous five adventures who start the lore of GW2 takes place in this desert; the battle, however, is lost.
Area in GW1, location where the PC in GW1 went to try to earn the attention of the Gods in order to become ?ascended? and become able to fight the Unseen.

Tarnished Coast - In Edge of Destiny the Asura make Rata Sum their home above the Tarnished Coast. The Destroyer of Life (a champion of Primordus), rises out of the Jungle nearby to mass his forces of Magma Destroyers. Luckily, KLAB (a pretentious Asura) makes the ?Caldera Plug? which the heroes use to put an end to the Destroyer of Life and his magma chamber, hence, saving the Tarnished Coast. [Chapter 23-24] Area in Tyria where the Asura made their new home

Steamspur Mountains - A mountain range formerly part of the Shiverpeaks. Recently became thawed due to a newly active volcano during the past two centuries.

Blazeridge Mountains - Mountain Ridge to the East of Ascalon

Isle of Janthir - Island north of Kryta where Saul D?Alessio claims to have received the Eye of Janthir, which can identify the ?Chosen?

Sea of Sorrows - Large inlet between Lion?s Arch, Orr, and the Ring of Fire island chain
Originally called the Bay of Sirens, the Sea of Sorrows is located at the southern edge of Kryta and between the western edge of the Southern Shiverpeaks and the Tarnished Coast in the West. South of the Sea of Sorrows lies the Strait of Malchor, which is named after the sculptor who created the statues of the Human Gods.
The main routes of trade with other countries and continents (like Cantha) used to pass through the Sea of Sorrows.
After the Cataclysm and before Zaithan rose it again, Orr was submerged in the Sea of Sorrows.

Deldrimor - Kingdom of Dwarves who assisted the Ascalonian refugees in their trek over the Shiverpeaks. In order to fight the Great Destroyer in the events of GW1:Eye of the North, the Deldrimor dwarves performed a ritual which turned them into stone as they became the embodiment of the Great Dwarf. These dwarves still fight the Destroyers, the minions of the elder dragon Primordius. Called upon the power of the Great Dwarf to turn to stone and fight the minions of Primordius within the depths of Tyria.

Scavenger?s Causeway - Land bridge connecting Orr to Tyria

Moladune - The Iron Mines of Moladune is a mission in GW1, Moladune itself refers to an ancient and mysterious city which once lied on the location of the mines

Eternal Grove - Mission in Kurzick Territory in Factions where three Kurzicks are infused into Juggernauts and the player has to protect them from Luxon and Afflicted attacks. It also
the point in the campaign where the Luxon and Kurzick ally against Shiro Tagachi.

Basalt Grotto - A safe passage in Elona that goes from Vabbi to the Desolation. It was supposedly used by Palawa Joko during his first invasion of Vabbi. (Nightfall)

Quarrel Falls - An outpost in Maguuma Jungle (Prophecies). The outpost was surrounded by many waterfalls and was considered a very calm and scenic location.

Sanctum Cay - Mission in GW1: Escaping the White Mantle, reaching Crystal Desert, undead boat.
The outpost with this name used to be a popular harbor for cargo ships to and from Cantha around the time of Guild Wars 1. The island a little to the east of this harbor (also originally called Sanctum Cay) has been taken by the Tengu in the time between Guild wars 1 and 2. The Tengu have established the Dominion of Wind there, which is (as far as is currently known) the last part of Tyria that is completely under their control.
Sanctum Cay is located towards the northwest of the Grove.

Nolani Academy - A school for arcane arts located in one of Ascalon?s most famous cities: Nolani. During the Mission in GW1 Prince Rurik sounds the horn Stormcaller in the immediate vicinity. This doused the fires of the Charr who were besieging Rin

Frost Gate - Mission in GW1. It is a grand structure that defends the passage from the Shiverpeaks into Kryta. During the Ascalonian evacuation, Ascalon?s Chosen break through the Stone Summit-held gate at the cost of Prince Rurik?s life.

Fort Witter - Matt Witter (Systems Designer at ArenaNet)

Loew?s Point - Habib Loew (Employee of ANet)

Divinity Coast - A coastal region in northern Kryta that holds the Fountain of Truth as well as Zinn?s Laboratory. It now houses Divinity?s Reach.
Divinity Coast used to have a lot of fisherman settlements and humans occupied the region for around 7 centuries by the time of Guild Wars 1, making it one of the region?s oldest setllements.

The Wilds - Mission in GW1. Here the player, a knight of the White Mantle, tracked the Shining Blade through the Maguuma Jungle and saved both the chosen and the Blade from being eaten alive by spiders. After the rescue, Evennia, leader of the Shining Blade, offered the player the opportunity to follow the Blade to Bloodstone Fen to learn the true secret of the White Mantle.

Bloodstone Fen: Mission in GW1: Home to one of the pieces of the bloodstone, an artifact that provided humans with magic. It was here that the true nature of the White Mantle was revealed. They were worshipping these unseen gods, and were luring the Chosen to the bloodstone to offer them as a sacrifice to their gods.

Eve?s Warren - Eve is a hero and one of Ascalon?s Chosen, she traveled with Devona?s group and was seen often through every campaign of GW1 where she offered her assistance as a henchman to the PC. She was also seen as the necromancer on the cover of the GW1 box

Port Sledge - Minor Town in the Southern Shiverpeaks. It is best known for its long bridge that leads to Witman?s Folly.

Sifhalla - Homestead of Sif Shadowhunter. Name is derived from Old Norse meaning Hall of Sif. Sif was the Norse goddess of beauty and agriculture.

Gate of Madness - Mission in Nightfall that takes place in the Realm of Torment. To bring down the fallen God Abaddon, the player had to seek out and cleanse the Temple of the Five Gods to gain their aid against Abaddon. To cleanse the temple, the PC encountered The Lich (the main antagonist of Prophecies) and Shiro (the main antagonist of Factions).

Bearce Falls - Tyler Bearce (QA at ANet)

Massey?s Grotto - Jordan Massey (Gameplay Programmer at ANet)

Bauer?s Pass - Inquisitor Bauer (A member of the White Mantle) or Tirzah Bauer (Employee of ANet) [Probably Tirzah Bauer]

Frazar Lake - Frazar Frostfur (Leader of a Charr group in the mission ?Against the Charr?) [Boss named by Jagger Vallance from Germany in the ?Eye of the North Brand the Boss (2007)? contest]

Arachnia Plateau - Landmark in Realm of Torment (Nightfall, Elona/)
(unsure if the info on this is canon or not, as I believe it comes from the descriptions found in the data files only and is not in the game itself)
Said to be the remains (specifically the belly) of the old god Arachnia (a giant Spider God who came before Abbadon and the other five Human Gods themselves).

Tanglewood Copse - Outpost in Echovald Forest (Factions)
Tanglewood Copse is a pilgrimage site for devotees of the old Canthan ancestor worship located on the northern edge of Echovald Forest. It is also considered a safe haven for travelers in general.
It is said that the first emperor stopped for the night in Tanglewood Copse during his inaugural tour of Echovald Forest.

Astralarium - ?The Astralarium? is an outpost in Istan (Nightfall, Istan)
Home to the Order of the Sky and the main place where astrology and astronomy are studied in Elona. Also one of the few locations with this purpose known to exist on Tyria.
The purpose of the Order of the Sky is to divine the meaning of ancient phropecies.
Located on the north side of Istan.

Jaya Bluffs - Snowy mountain range located on the eastern half of Shing Jea Island?s. The bluffs are inhabited by the Yeti?s and Sensali Tengu who are at war.

Cavalon - Luxon capital from GW: Factions. Located in the midst of the Jade Sea. Many of the buildings are formed from the ancient boats that were trapped when the Jade Wind blew through.

Seafarer?s Rest - Outpost in the Jade Sea in GW1

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EU Worlds

Kodonur - Known as Kodonur Crossroads, This is where you save the Centaurs in Nightfall. Was a small merchant outpost in the midst of Kourna. Located near some of the biggest and richest estates.

Gandara - Gandara the Moon Fortress dominated the southern coast of Kourna in the original Guild Wars. This is the first place in Kourna the player gets to visit in Guild Wars Nightfall (you go there, after finishing the storyline missions on the island Istan, through the Consulate Docks mission located just to the side of Istan?s main city Kamadan). This first time you assault the Fortress, which ends in your retreat as Varesh sets Abaddon?s demons loose and captures/kills many sunspears (probably the 2 most important ones are: Koss, one of your first heroes, unlocked at the start of the Nightfall campaign, who will then be unavailable until you progress to the point in the story where you rescue him, and Kormir (the one who takes over Abaddon?s power and becomes a god herself at the end of the story))

Blacktide - mission area in Nightfall, on starter isle.
A haven for shady figures and black market business on the edge of Lathenda Bog on the island Istan in Elona.
It has become a hub for darker purposes because it is relatively far from the civilized parts of Istan and mostly ignored by the authorities on the island.

Istan - One of the provinces in GW: Nightfall, it is an island located off the coast of the rest of Elona. It is home to the city of Kamadan and the Order of the Sunspears. During the start of the Nightfall expansion, it is constantly skirmishing with the corsairs pirating the surrounding seas.

Vabbi - One of the provinces in GW: Nightfall, home to several wealthy princes, who would be convinced by the PC to go to war against Kourna. Home to Vabbian armour, some of the most expensive armor in GW1.

Kourna - A province of Elona in GW1. Kourna was militarized against Istan (and later Vabbi) by Warmarshal Varesh Ossa, who was under the control of Abbadon.

Fissure of Woe - Realm of Balthazar, the God of war and fire. In this plane, Balthazar?s Eternal servants and his evil twin brother?s Shadow Army battle for eternity. Most famously known to players for its Obsidian (formerly known as FoW) Armour, the most prestigious and expensive armour set in GW1 and the only area to capture the Black Widow spider.

Underworld - Grenth?s realm of the Mists, It is an elite area dedicated to the battle between Grenth and Dhuum (the God who preceded Grenth).

Ring of Fire - Final area in Prophecies, a chain of Volcanic Islands. It is also the original home to the five Bloodstones.
Location of the door of Komalie, where the Titans are chained in the Realm of Torment. Stronghold of the Mursaat during Guild Wars Prophecies.
final resting place of Prince Rurik and the location where the Undead Lich (Vizier Khilbron, who also caused the Cataclysm, the event that sunk Orr) was defeated.

Far Shiverpeaks - The original Norn homelands, before they were driven south by Jormag. Also the original home of the Jotun and the Centaurs who call themselves Modniir.

Petrified Forest - Also known as the Echovald Forest in Cantha. When the betrayer Shiro Tagachi was slain, he released a scream that petrified the trees and turned everything in the forest into solid jade. Home of the Kurzicks faction from GW: Factions.

Gunnar?s Hold - Homestead of Gunnar Poundfist, also one of the largest and oldest Norn settlements in GW1

Olafstead - Fort overlooking Varajar Falls in GW1, home of Olaf Olafson, the 7th Olaf of his family. Many young Norns come here to rest and hear stories of Olaf, the reigning champion of the Great Norn Alemoot.

Boreal Station - The outpost through which players first enter the Eye of the North expansion when they use an Asura portal to escape from a wave of Destroyers

Jaga Moraine - Explorable area in GW1 in the Northern Shiverpeaks, surrounding Sifhalla. It is home to a shrine to the Bear spirit which is now abandoned. Egil Fireteller, a Norn with standing also has his homestead here.

Umbral Grotto - Outpost in GW1, lies at the entrance to the Vloxen Excavations, which connects the Far Shiverpeaks to the Tarnished Coast

Bjora Marches - GW1, Explorable area in the northeastern part of the Far Shiverpeaks, bordering on the Charr Homelands. Some time before the events of Eye of the North this was the location of the homestead of the legendary Norn warrior Jora, who defeated Svanir. She also played an important role in the defeat of The Great Destroyer, one of Primordius? generals.

Norrhart Domain - GW1, Explorable area in the Far Shiverpeaks. The large Norn settlement Gunnar?s Hold is nestled within the mountains of southeastern Norrhart Domain.

Dragrimmar - May refer to the Anvil of Dragrimmar? No information available says who or what Dragrimmar is.

Grothmar - Part of the Charr Homelands. The sleeping dragon Kralkatorrik rests in a lake on the eastern side of this zone. (Eye of the North)

Sacnoth Valley - Part of the Charr Homelands. Mountainous and wild, it holds a heavily fortified stronghold. (Eye of the North). Rragnar?s Menagerie was also found here, which was the original birthplace of the terrifying creatures known as the fleshreavers.

Shosa?s Hollow - Possibly named after the collector ?Shosa? or Braeden Shosa (Lead Gameplay Programmer for Guild Wars 2 at ANet)

O?Brien?s Refuge - Named after Mike O?Brien (President of ArenaNet)

Longeye?s Ledge - The homestead of Olfun Longeye, it is also a vital passage from the Charr Homelands to the Shiverpeaks. Many raiding parties have moved through this outpost, Human and Charr alike. (Eye of the North)

Mahnkelon - An area in north-eastern Kourna. It holds the Waterworks, which provides fresh water to the Kournan plantations to the south. (Nightfall)

Lakeside County - The area south of Ascalon before the Charr turned Ascalon into a barren wasteland in an event known as the Searing

Desolation - Area in Nightfall, it is covered by stretches of sulfurous sands which are lethal to any living beings, making it ideal for the undead and elemental forces that make their home here. During GW:Nightfall the players enlist the aid of Palawa Joko in order to find a way to traverse sulfur in exchange for helping him retake his Bone Palace. Between GW1 and GW2 this location servers as Palawa Joko?s base of operations for his complete conquest of Elona.

Magus Falls - Magus Falls is one of the three sub-regions of the Maguuma Jungle, located in the southwestern corner of the region. It lies just beyond Rata Sum and contains the areas once known as Magus Stones and The Falls. (In Guild Wars 2)

Whiteside Ridge - Possibly named after Chris Whiteside (Lead Producer at ArenaNet)

Ruins of Surmia - Mission in GW1. Surmia was one of the most prosperous cities in Ascalon and was raised to honour those who died in the second Guild War. It was one of the first to fall during the Charr Invasion due to being north of the Great Northern Wall.

Sharp?s Corner - Jonathan Sharp (game designer for ANet)

Aurora Glade - Mission in GW 1. Here the player, along with the Shining Blade, attuned the Henge portals and slayed the Henge Guardian to gain access to the Henge of Denravi.

Elona Reach [DE] - Mission in GW1, one of the splinter outposts of Elonia, a nation founded by Turai Ossa(Later known as the Ghostly Hero) and his followers in their attempt to reach Ascension. The Elonians at Elona Reach ended up turning against each other due to mistrust which led to the failure of their quest to Ascend.

Kodash [DE] - Known in Guild Wars 1 as The Kodash Bazaar, It is a City in the province of Vabbi(Nightfall), and is considered the capital city and largest market of this ?merchant nation?.

Abaddon?s Mouth [DE] - Mission in GW1, also the volcano which houses of the Door of Komali which leads to the Realm of Torment from which Abaddon sent the Titans to Tyria

Dzagonur [DE] - Bastion of Prince Ahmtur of Vabbi, also mission in GW1

Riverside [DE]- The southernmost province in Kryta, a base of the White Mantle. Also houses the Temple of the Unseen where the Scepter of Orr is kept.

Dasha [DE] - Mission in GW1, named after The Hidden City of Ahdashim which was used by the princes of Vabbi to hide during the old reign of Palawa Joko

Nundu Bay [DE] - A Nightfallen version of Margra Coast. Melonni asks you to help her defend her home village Ronjok against the Margoniets and the Harbringers of Twilight, ultimately leading you to the boss the Harbringer of Nightall.

Drakkar Lake [DE] - An explorable area in the Northern Shiverpeaks, named after the large frozen lake in the center. It is the resting place of one of Jormag?s champions. The lake is imbued with dark magic, causing the Norn to avoid it. It was at Drakkar Lake that that Jora was cursed, and her brother turned into the Nornbear.

Miller?s Sound [DE] - Ben Miller or Elijah Miller (ANet employees), or Quest giver Miller Quang, or NPC Miller Upton

Augury Rock [FR] - Mission in GW1 where you fight a Doppelganger to complete your Ascension. Name reference to a large rock formation that dominates the area and secretly holds the Hall of Ascension.

Jade Sea [FR] - Reference to Luxon Territory in Factions
Canthan inland sea that was turned to solid jade by the Jade Wind. Located in the Southeast of the continent.

Fort Ranik [FR] - Fort Ranik is a Pre-Searing Outpost, a Post-Searing Outpost, as well as a mission. During the pre-searing, the fort was used to train recruits for the Ascalonian Army. During the Post-Searing, the fort is almost completely destroyed. When you find yourself there, you are required to push back the Invading Charr army to the Northern Wall.

Vizunah Square [FR] - Factions Mission
Original home of Vizu, one of the Assassins who killed Shiro Tagachi (the first time). It was named after her, the name-change having been petitioned to the Celestial Ministry by the neighbourhoods inhabitants.
Located in Kaineng City, towards the Nothwestern corner of the Canthan continent.

Arborstone [FR] - Arborstone is the zu Heltzers House cathedral. This area had been unnamed until recently, when the Council of Nobles determined that the cathedral and the surrounding area should have an official name. Inside Arborstone lays the Urn of Saint Viktor, the zu Heltzers greatest hero. (The man who single-handedly slew Shiro the Betrayer)

Echovald Forest [FR] - The name where the Kurzik nation resides, it is a forest turned to stone. This Happened due to the Jade Wind.

Urgoz?s Warren [FR] - Elite Kurzick Dungeon, domain of Urgoz and his Wardens, they enraged when the Jade Wind struck them.

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