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9 maj 2016
Nyss, ett par veckor efter release av PoF (*poff* *poff* hehe) anordnade ANet en AMA kring expansionen, vilket du kan läsa via nedan länkar.

Dulfy's Developer AMA Summary:


Några punkter som kan vara av intresse:
We’re closely looking at the outputs of the expansion, paying particular attention to the metas. We don’t have anything to announce at this time, but will make changes as necessary to make the investment in conquering the metas be rewarding.
Palawa Joko had a big musical number that got cut.
What determines how many Elegy Mosaics you get from a specific boss? It’s pretty random, you’re right. There are the once-a-day cooldowns for some, but drops overall are "the luck of the draw… drop."
Skins not previewable in collections until they are unlocked – This was a bug left over from the Demo build. Should be fixed in a future update
"what happened to the health bar feature becoming yellow for a brief moment when u deal damage?" – This is a feature that we’ve been working on in our dev environment but hasn’t gone through all of our gates yet, thus not released.
They had an open world PvP event in Vabbi but had to cut it due to performance reasons.
Guild Content – We don’t have a guild content team, so as to the "will we ever…" questions, we have no official plans there. We do have passionate devs who sometimes work in their spare time. But again, nothing currently in development.
We’re planning some changes for weapons we feel are undertuned, definitely
Kalla being chosed as the new Rev legend – We chose Kalla because she’s a huge figure in charr history and partly responsible for a major cultural shift that made the charr nation more unified and more powerful. And we also wanted to achieve a better gender and racial parity among the Revenant legends, so a charr female fit the bill perfectly
Also, we looked at our story plan, considered it carefully, and then added a whole lot of Canach to it.
Regarding raid difficulty – we’re not working on different difficulty tiers. We’re focused on making great content and don’t want to slow that down by multiplying the amount of work. We’re hard at work on the next raid and development is going well; no announcements today
Max number of players in a WvW map is fixed and same for all worlds on a map ( can’t give out numbers). Players have already figured its in the ballpark of 100 per team. This isn’t far off.
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9 maj 2016
WoodenPotatoes diskuterar också nämnda AMA, för de som är nyfikna fast vill hellre ha något att lyssna till i bakgrunden:


Om Ruthless

Ruthless är en spelgemenskap där vi helt enkelt spelar spel tillsammans. Vi är uppdelade i olika spelsektioner som du hittar under fliken Våra spel, vi har även en allmän sektion för diverse spel som inte kräver någon speciell struktur. Vårt huvudfokus är att vara en plattform för svensktalande spelare där man kan hitta nya vänner att spela med. Utöver vår online-verksamhet så försöker vi även att träffas ett par gånger per år.

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