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    Vi kan med glädje presentera vår nya samarbetspartner, Antec!
    Tillsammans med Antec kommer Ruthless nu kunna recensera och visa både nya och "gamla" produkter från Antec. Vi är supertaggade inför detta och komma att trycka ut lite videos bland annat snart.

    Nedanför har ni en intervju vi gjorde tillsammans med Antec (engelska), väldigt matnyttig för er som inte vet vilka Antec är!

    Antec – Who we are and what we do.

    Please tell us a bit more about Antec, what's your history and what do you do now?

    Antec has been a manufacturer of computer accessories and hardware for the upgrade and DIY market since 1986. Pioneering in the development of high-performance PC cases, Antec was able to make history early on: we presented the world's first black case on the market before all competitors. This is followed by popular products such as the open-air case 'Skeleton' and the fully modular chassis 'LanBoy Air', which particularly impressed gamers. As an ambassador for QuietComputing ™, we are also very proud of our Performance Series, a product line we have been feeding with new models for many years now. Here at Antec, we do our best to deliver a high quality of the products and to follow industrial standards. We put a lot of focus at products appreciated by gamers and enthusiasts. These include, for example, high quality, perforated steel panels, resilient drive bays, 200mm LED fans, washable air filters, plenty of room for extra-large motherboards, multiple graphics cards, and plenty of room for cooling solutions and cable management. Our latest product range offers AIO CPU coolers, air coolers, affordable as well as high-end power supplies as well as a large range of different case fans. We might even expand our products portfolio in wider areas . More news to come around Computex Taipei time… J

    How would you describe a normal workday on Antec? (Maybe this question could be directed on to someone who works with the products more hands-on?)

    Here in Europe, we have our headquarter office in Rotterdam. A lot of team members work in home office, so it is always a highlight to catch up during regular team meetings. We have regular calls, exchange Sales news and experience in the different countries’ markets. We develop launch strategies and liaise with Gamers, Modders and our followers on facebook to feel the pulse of the scene and to keep up with trends. Of course we also have regular exchanges with our design team. In short, we try to offer and develop the best possible products for every user – entry-level to high-end. Antec employees are all around the world and they are very open minded people with international culture.

    What does this sponsorship with Ruthless mean for you?

    The cooperation with Ruthless means a lot for us. The Nordic region is very important and we want to keep up with your users’ needs and demands. Since users from the Nordic region appreciate high-end quality products, we believe that we will keep launching products to suit their needs. Since we couldn’t get much closer to the Gaming community than we are through working with Ruthless, we are convinced that this opportunity will help us gain back brand awareness.

    Which product is your favorite one?

    The Performance One Series is definitely one of the favourite case lines: elegant design, high-end quality materials and excellent cooling performance. Our Performance Series products had always been a reference all over those past 30 years. Although we have constant developments to bring chassis featuring the latest and the most innovative technology, some Antec fanatic loyal customers are still using their original Antec chassis because it is a strong reference and sturdy case from the beginning! We do love the P110 Luce which is a perfect combination between a classy and elegant and timeless style from Antec performance and nowadays trending features such like a very nice tempered glass side panel or a VGA holder, or VR ready HDMI port.
    Det otroligt snygga och populära P110 Luce

    Do we have anything special to look forward to from Antec?

    Stay tuned and follow us here on Ruthless and our social media channels :)
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    Nice. Alltid roligt när vi får nya samarbetspartners. Hoppas på ett långt och givande samarbete. :)
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    Woho! Riktigt kul att höra!
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    Ska bli kul att se tester av deras produkter! Vi behöver mer tester på sidan :D
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