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Intervju med Frostkeep skaparna av Rend

Diskussion i 'Nyheter' startad av Britney, 13 april 2017.

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  1. Britney

    Britney Administrator
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    Mottagna gillanden:
    Vi har fått chansen att intervjua skaparna bakom Rend, Frostkeep Studios.
    Rend är ett survival RPG spel med 3 fraktioner. Man tävlar om att samla resurser och artifacts för att vinna.
    Man kan läsa mer här och förhandsboka spelet på steam här!

    Who are you and what is your roll on Frostkeep?

    I’m Solomon Lee. At Frostkeep Studios, we’re all generalist. We allow anyone to work on whatever aspect of the game they feel most passionate about. We let the best idea win out, it doesn’t matter who it came from. It definitely keeps everyone engaged and passionate about what we’re doing.

    Tell us about Frostkeep studios. Who are you and how did you come up with the name Frostkeep studios?
    Frostkeep was founded by three friends: Mat Milizia, Jeremy Wood and Solomon Lee. We met while working on vanilla World of Warcraft (WoW). From there we’ve all worked on various projects from WoW’s expansions, project Titan, R&D, WildStar, League of Legends and so on. Being in the industry for quite some time, we fell into leadership roles that meant less time for doing and more time for management. Frostkeep was formed in the hopes of making a company where we could make games in the way we always envisioned game making would be when we were younger. Just doing. Everyone collaborating, trusting and having a blast. This allows us to be agile; by being able to implement, make changes and decisions quickly.

    With the explosion of indie game development, naming something is quite difficult. Everything is taken. So what we did, honestly, was mash two words together and the rest is history. We wanted to spend our time making the game, and not being bogged down by naming things.

    How many does work on Frostkeep?
    We currently have five people full time at Frostkeep, and a team of contractors that contribute as needed.

    How did you come up with the idea of Rend?
    Being players ourselves, and playing games like Ark, Rust and other survival games, we realized there’s a promise of war that’s not often met. Where your game pretty much ends anti-climatically when you weren’t even online. Taking our learnings from developing WoW; where Blizzard looked at the MMO genre and asked why things are done certain ways. We decided to do the same with the survival genre and asked the whys, and started to look for answers. From there Rend grew.

    How much focus will it be on delivering a balanced amount of work and gameplay on both PvE and PvP?
    Rend’s focus is to deliver a unique take on the survival experience; whether that be through PvE or PvP experiences. I would say most of the work done, lends itself to both experiences. For example, the same items you craft will work in a PvP or PvE situation. Progressing your character through skills and talent trees will improve your character, helping you adventure more into the world of Rend. This will put you in more PvE and PvP situations. That being said, players will be able to create their own servers and customize the game to suit their gameplay needs; whether that be PvE or PvP.

    Will both PvP and PvE have the same amount of content and excitement in regard to what PvP usually delivers in these kind of games?
    We believe what we’ve added to Rend will definitely give players something to be excited about. We will be delivering the fantasy of war, which is not usually experienced in the survival genre. Whether that be through small skirmishes or assaulting/defending your base. Adding factions, will also give the sense of team and community. Which will also support the need to work together to survive in Rend.

    How do you plan to make the game balanced between the factions? How will you make sure that 1 faction does not get wiped out to quickly?
    Rend, like an RTS, starts slowly, then ramps up with intensity as time goes on. Shields protect factions from wiping each other out, until the Reckoning occurs. This is when shields come down. Factions not only have to consider assaults from opposing factions at this time, but waves of creatures (Lost Ones) that may destroy their base. Think of this as horde mode from other games. Due to the pace of the game, with factions needing to power their factions up by improving their weapons and resources. Chances of getting wiped out too quickly will be difficult.

    Factions are solely cosmetic. So balance is mainly based on population. When a new player starts on a server, Rend will make a faction recommendation to balance out the population. Similar to how the many FPS games make recommendations.

    How will the factions be based? Will there be any factions with less numbers of players but have for example better weapons?
    All factions start on an equal footing regardless of their population. A faction’s strength is based on how far they’re down their tech tree. Rend has three factions with a scoreboard displaying where each faction is in the race. This could allow for interesting things to happen.

    Will you be able to customize you character and make yourself stand out more?
    Rend has many ways to customize your personal avatar. Besides crafting armor and weapons, players have progression trees that will distinguish themselves from others. The skill system compliment’s the player’s play style. A talent system will identify the player’s class. Meta-progression will distinguish them on a macro level.

    Will there be any micro transactions in form of loot crates or similar? How will that work in that case?
    Currently we’re focused on the early access launch of Rend, which will have the traditional box cost for an early access release.

    Will the game be connected to steam workshop?
    Steam workshop is something we do find interesting, and is something we will consider in the future.

    What is the future of the game after release? Will there be free updates or paid DLC’s?
    Our goal after early access will be to complete Rend and remove the early access tag.

    What is your favorite part of the game?
    Playing WoW for many years, my most memorable moments took place in world PvP. Whether being hunted down by someone who was much stronger than I, or a bunch of us taking down someone that you would consider a mini-boss. That being said, I love it when unexpected PvP occurs. Whether they make the jump on you and you survive, or you make the jump on someone else.

    What is according to you the most fun thing in the game?
    I feel we offer many different players the opportunity to play the way they want to play in Rend. Whether you prefer to PvP out in the world or defend your base. If you prefer supporting, we offer gameplay that’ll make you the best harvester or crafter. Everyone has a purpose in their faction and whatever they’re focused on, will benefit the faction regardless of how they play. We hope all player types will enjoy Rend and find it fun.

    Do you have any other plans for other games?
    If we are fortunate enough to make a second game. Then for sure. Currently, we’re all focused on making Rend the best game possible.

    Stort tack till Frostkeep som tog sig tiden med våra frågor. Vi ser fram emot E.A. i slutet av våren.
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  2. iShot

    iShot Administrator
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    Mottagna gillanden:
    The hype is real!
  3. Qliyo

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    Vill veta mer!
  4. Georg

    Georg Administrator
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    Kommer bli riktigt intressant som spel.
  5. groolay

    Medlem Skribent Destiny 2

    Mottagna gillanden:
    Detta företaget ska jag följa noga. Ser riktigt intressant ut.

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