Green Hell

24 augusti 2011
Nytt survival spel som jag helt missat, som dessutom INTE är EA (whaaaaaat? :O)

Inte hunnit kolla på der supernoga, men vid första anblick känns det typ som The annat landskap :p Men jag gillar det, gillade ju även Forest så kanske inte är så konstigt.
Finns iaf på Steam:


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What rights do I have when collectors call? You have rights, even if you owe money. Many of your rights depend upon who is trying to collect the debt. If a collection agency is collecting a debt, it must follow federal law. This law is called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The law limits what a collection agency can do. Contact you before 8 a.m. Use lies or deceptions to collect a debt. Falsely imply that they have support from the government. They may not imply the sheriff or other police agencies support them. Federal law does not apply when an original creditor tries to collect on their own accounts. However, extreme harassment may still be illegal.

If contacted, a bill collector or an attorney must say who they are and who they represent. Respond to collectors in writing. Keep copies of letters, payment agreements, bills, and processed checks. How do I get proof that I owe the debt? Tell the collection agency in writing that you want to see proof of the bill. This must be sent to you. The collection agency may not contact you until proof of the bill is sent to you. When may collectors call about a debt? A collection agency can only make contact you during certain times of the day. That might mean no calls before 8:00 a.m. For example, they cannot say the sheriff will remove your furniture unless you pay the debt. May collectors contact other people about my debt? Often relatives or neighbors of the consumer get calls from collection agencies about the consumer's debt. The contact must be limited to finding where the consumer lives or works. There are legal penalties if a credit agency violates those limits. Have your family keep a written record of all the contacts made by the collector. You can stop collectors from contacting you at work.

Not only will this help you remember all of the important information being given to you, but it will also help you keep track of any mistakes or errors the debt collectors make. Any inconsistencies or law-breaking is important to keep track of. If there is ever a phone call or voicemail that includes abusive or threatening language should also be noted as it could be grounds for a countersuit. Make sure that the debt collector you are talking with has all the correct information on your case. There is a chance that the debt collector has been given the wrong contact information and is mistakenly calling you. If this is true, you can clarify with the collection agency to make sure you are not contacted again. If they have your contact information correct, then also verify that the amount of debt they are attempting to collect on is correct as well. Doing so can ensure that you are aware of what debt is being collected on, especially if you have multiple debts that are behind on payments. It’s important to note that, while you do need to verify this information, do not confirm any of this information on the phone with a debt collector. If you make a verbal confirmation that you actually owe any or all of the debt, it will be difficult, or even impossible, for you to dispute the debt later on.

Are you getting countless calls a day from debt collectors? Do you feel overwhelmed by constantly needing to dodge calls from numbers you don’t recognize? Believe it or not, there is an 11 word phrase you can say that will stop debt collectors in their tracks. Finally, you will get some peace and quiet while you get your finances back in order. In order to get a break from the incessant calls, you can use this 11 word phrase to stop debt collectors: “Please cease and desist all calls and contact with me, immediately.” Using this phrase will force debt collectors to stop all methods of contacting you, giving you the peace and quiet that you deserve. Why Do Debt Collectors Call You? Many times, when you miss payments on your debts, the debt will be sent to collections. Once the debt is sent to collection, debt collectors are allowed to start calling you in order to collect payments on your debt. Aside from stopping contact when requested, there are other rules in place that limit a debt collector's actions.


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A Missouri woman won $83 million in a lawsuit against a debt collector who tried to sue her for a credit card bill that wasn't hers. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, acted maliciously when it tried to squeeze $1,000 from Maria Guadalupe Mejia when the debt actually belonged to a man in another state with a similar sounding name, a jury found. Portfolio Recovery, one of the biggest debt buyers in the country, continued the lawsuit against Maria even after discovering it was suing the wrong person, according to KCUR. Gina Chiala, one of Mejia lawyers, told KCUR the company refused to hand over information about the case to the defendant as required by law, and the judge got fed up and ruled against them. A company spokesman called the decision "outlandish" and said it "defied all common sense." The debt collector said it plans to file motions to overturn the verdict because it could damage the company financially.

Last year, the debt collectors made more than $176 million from buying uncollected debt from banks and recovering it from debtors. During the process, personal information, like account notes and credit card applications, are often lost, which makes it easy to sue the wrong person. The debt collectors began their suit against Maria in 2013, even though the debt belonged to a man in Kansas with a similar but different name, according to Time. Maria tried to get the lawsuit dismissed with the help of Legal Aid, but failed, which is when Slough, Connealy, Irwin & Madden stepped in and countersued the debt collector. After the debt collector found out it was suing the wrong person, they still kept the lawsuit going for another 15 months, trying to wear them down. That's when the judge stepped in. Ended the trial with a guilty verdict for the debt collector. It's not the first time the little guy has beaten a big corporation trying to wring money from them. Last year, a Florida couple won $1 million in a lawsuit against Bank of America over excessive and harassing phone calls, according to the Inquisitr.

Remember that you still owe the debt, and the collector can take legal action. Then you can tackle the next step. If you believe that you do not owe the debt or that the collection agency has failed to validate the debt, you can file a dispute with the credit bureaus. You will need to dispute the account separately with each credit bureau. The credit bureau must investigate and verify your debt. If they cannot, they must remove it from your credit record. Remember that even if the debt is removed from your credit record, the collection agency can still pursue collection efforts. While occasionally the collection debt isn’t yours, most of the time, it is. If that’s the case, a settlement is one way to resolve the situation. Remember that debt collectors pay, on average, 4 cents for every dollar of debt that they buy. That gives you room to negotiate. A collector can accept less than you owe and still make a profit. An article from U.S. News & World Report found that collection agencies will settle for between 40-60% of the balance - which could mean thousands of dollars saved. You might offer 10% of your balance to see what they say. They’ll probably ask for more, but don’t let them push you around.

If you receive a Notice of Debt, examine it in detail to make sure it complies with the law. If you do not dispute the debt within 30 days, it is presumed valid. Always dispute debts held by collection companies. If you are using a dispute or debt validation letter template, be sure that the template is designed for notices received after the implementation of Regulation F on Nov. 20, 2021. Much of the information that debtors used to ask for is now required in the Notice of Debt. Send the debt collector a certified letter addressing these issues. Ask for documentation that verifies that you owe the debt, such as a copy of the original contract. Ask whether the statute of limitations on the debt has expired. The collector doesn’t have to tell you, but they can’t lie. If they won’t say, the statute of limitations may have expired. Ask whether the agency is licensed to collect debt in your state. Again, the collector is not allowed to lie. You can ask for the date of the license, license number, and the state agancy that issued the license as well.

Who knows what was lost in the shuffle? The onus is on them to provide proof. If they can’t, they’re required by law to remove it from your credit report. Always check the date of the debt against the statute of limitations in your state. If the statute of limitations has expired, the collector cannot pursue legal action against you. The statute of limitations clock begins on the date when the debt was first reported as delinquent. Remember that making a payment or acknowledging that the debt is yours can restart the statute of limitations. The expiry of the statute of limitations will not remove an account from your credit record. If the statute of limitations has expired or will expire soon there’s a good chance that the seven-year period of appearance on your credit record is also nearly up. If the statute of limitations is nearly up your best bet might be to just wait it out. Before Nov. 20, 2021, you could get as many as 15 calls per day from a debt collector, according to a Consumer Credit Card Market Report. That’s way too many. That has changed. Regulation F places strict limits on collection calls.

What is Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC? What if they Sue? What is Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC? Remember that credit card bill you didn’t pay? The bank kept calling, you kept avoiding the call, and then… You breathed a cautious sigh of relief, hoping they finally gave up on you. Well, they sort of did. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. If a creditor isn’t getting anywhere with trying to collect a debt, they eventually “charge it off”. And what does that mean? It means they sell the debt to a collection agency. They get some money for their trouble, and the collection agency becomes responsible for getting payment. That’s what Portfolio Recovery or Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC is: they are a collections agency. They’ve paid money to buy your debt, and you better believe they’ll try their hardest to make you pay so they can turn a profit. Portfolio Recovery often buys debt from Capital One, Comenity Bank, and others.


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debt collection lawyers near me

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